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I have been playing Celtic Heroes for eversince I got my first tablet (Which was when I was around 10-11 now I'm 17) I've always loved the game even though after paying for a while with a new character I can't really seem to lvl up efficiently anymore I stop playing with a character whenever I reach lvl 50 bc it just gets harder to lvlup from there. So rn I currently have a lvl 64 mage on the server danu. So all im asking is where is the best part to farm for xp as a lvl 64 mage? :geek:

Re: Grinding

At lvl 64 you could do one more level around the big torch statue thing surrounded by lvl 64 fire imps in stonevale. After that move to the large open area and try to kill mobs in that lvl 65-70 range, maybe higher if they are 1 or 2 stars. Stay in stonevale until you are high enough level for pirates in fingals which I believe start at lvl 75 :)
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