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Draken introduces himself

Hello everyone!

I'm a new player - I started yesterday - and have been a little bit taken aback by the scale of the game and the amount of things I need to know... I'm not trash-talking the game, it's actually one of the most awesome things I found in it, but I now need to learn more about it, and that's why I'm here.

See you in Lir's Reach!

Re: Draken introduces himself

Hey there! Welcome to Celtic Heroes!

There is definitely a lot to explore in the land of Dal Riata, and the Forums are a great place to pick up any number of tips and tricks for your journey. If you have any questions that you can’t find an answer to, please feel free to ask around on the forums! There are plenty of experienced and helpful players wandering around here who would be happy to answer your questions.

A good place to start might be the Hints, Tips and Guides subforum, which is a collection of introductory posts about the game and its mechanics. You could also check out the specific subforum for your class for some more detailed advice about how to build your character.

Enjoy your traveling in Dal Riata!
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