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Re: Hello, glad to be in the community

Angmar Reid wrote::roll: Wow, Bob. Emoji overload much??

Welcome to the forums Lordgrimm :D

Pfft :P
There isn’t such a thing ;)
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Feel free to pm me about anything or talk to me in game :D
boymclir wrote:Bob The God

Shadae wrote:This Bob guy is a guide? Legitimately?


Re: Hello, glad to be in the community

Stuki wrote:Hello my ing namr is Stuki im new at the game im a Mage level 40 playing this game for a couple of days great expirience im playing on Taranis :)

Wellcome. I hope you will enjoy the game and the community as much as I have done over the last 6 years. Over time you will see that it is a hate/love relation, much like a familly in real life!
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Re: Hello, glad to be in the community

Hello all fellow gamers say I in gwndion any recommendations for a good helpful clan to join I lv163 but realize I can't advance anymore without a good clann like DL armour is now impossible without help again thanks for any replys I wish I had joined the forum a lot earlier all the best to you all and bwell

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