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Re: Just started playing

Welcome to Celtic Heroes! Yes the game is old, it was released in 2011. However, it hasn’t always looked like this - there have been a couple large graphical updates over the years. Including an entirely new game engine back in 2014. That being said, I agree that it does look very good for a mobile game!

Taranis is a pretty great server! If you have any questions about the game or Taranis, feel free to post around in the forums here. We have plenty of awesome players who enjoy helping newcomers and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Enjoy the land of Dal Riata!
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Re: Just started playing

Hey! Welcome to CH and the forums! Hope you enjoy it here. CH really is an amazing community of players, and experienced players are always happy to help out the newer players. So, as Eragon said, don’t be afraid to post around if you have questions!
Hope you enjoy.

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Re: Just started playing

I’m currently playing Druid class which seems to be suiting me fine, (hold enemies with roots and blast from afar). The best part for me is exploring the world and updating my gear. I haven’t had too much interaction with others yet, when is the best time to join a guild? Think I’m around level 18.

Re: Just started playing

Druids are fun :) I would probably level one if they were a little faster, but I might have to try it some day. Depends on how soon you want to join a clan but probably for warden armor (around level 70) you'll want to be in a clan to help you with the bosses. You can just do it with friends, but it's a little tougher. Funny how you like gearing up and exploring, that was what originally got me hooked too.

Unfortunately, the next armor quest after the starter quest line is warden... If you level a little slower and really want to upgrade your armor after the starter quest there is one set I personally think is worth getting, the woven silver leaf (I think that's the druid one). It's really just a better version of the silver leaf you can buy, but it drops from the bosses in the catacombs. The same ones that you need to kill for the quest that gives the alt book. (If you don't know what that is, it's useful especially if you get it for free). The armour also looks particularly cool imo and you can probably pick up a few pieces from people who just have it sitting in their banks.

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