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returning player, need some help picking a server

Hi my name is sage, I've played off and on since 2012 and would like to give the game another go possibly as I dont have much else interesting me game wise. As you can see in my sig I have a couple lowbie toons between gwydion and arawn and I also have a 95 mage on Belenus. None of my characters and luxed out or have lots of lixes sitting in their bags, hell I barely have extra bag space. I'm looking for input on whether I should continue on one of those servers with my already created toons or start anew somewhere else since I don't have the gear and gold of a long time player, I was already recommended epona on the discord due to the fact I'm a college student and doesnt seem like a bad place from what ive heard over the years. Basically sell me on your server or another server :)
Gwydion: level 48+ Rogue- BarefootSage (semi-active)
Arawn: level 77+ Druid: BarefootSage(inactive)
level 20+ Warrior: FlipFlopSage(inactive)
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