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Re: Starting Game Today

Welcome to CH, Froste! Hope you enjoy the game!

Concerning choosing a character, Ranger seems to be the best way to go when first starting out the game. Warrior is a decent class to start with, too, I believe, if you’d prefer to be on the more tanky and close-combat side.
As for server, that totally depends on your playstyle. Epona seems to be a very friendly server, and one of the most populated. Herne is my main server, and is pretty casual. A ton of awesome players though. Lazy Drunks is the top clan, and there is a small amount of competition between them and a clan called AntiMonopoly. Danu seems to be a pretty active server as well. Some nice people there.
Hope you find the server you like! Other players may have more info and suggestions about other servers.
Again welcome to the game! Celtic Heroes is very unique, and like no other mobile game. Won’t find a hidden gem like this one anywhere else!
I’m a guide! I’m here to help. If you have any questions or just wanna talk, send me a PM!


Re: Starting Game Today

Froste wrote:What is a good world to start on and what class would be best I’m thinking Druid as my first class but I’m not sure choosing Druid cause it’s the class I also playing in all my other games

I am new aswell, i joined Herne and its pretty good. People always want to help, and if you need a partner to do quests you cant solo just add me my name is Majeta

Re: Starting Game Today

Bitey wrote:Druid is a hard class to start with if you’re just starting the game. Probably the easiest one to start with would be ranger in my opinion. If not the easiest it’s the cheapest to level up and solo with.

Also welcome to Celtic Heroes!

Lol, I started a mage on Epona because there weren't many mages and a month later there were like 2 to 3 times more. Then I joked about starting a ranger and now another month later there are 2 to 3 times as many rangers... Still not as many as mages, or other classes, but its ridiculous how many people seem to start playing a class when it becomes "unpopular" and then it blows up again. Speaking of which I seem to have noticed a drop off in wars recently...

Epona is a great server thought if your looking for drama free I have to say it surprised me at first how much there was. Not a ton, but I thought there would be hardly any if at all, which is not the case...

I've also heard Taranis is doing pretty well these days, and not much different than when I played there a few years ago, which was fun, helpful and drama free. But that's what I hear. If you want an easy class to gear I suggest the lowest amount of players for the class on your server as it can really change. Druid might be a little tougher/slower but if you really like playing them I doubt it would make much difference.

Re: Starting Game Today

Froste wrote:What is a good world to start on and what class would be best I’m thinking Druid as my first class but I’m not sure choosing Druid cause it’s the class I also playing in all my other games

I personally find druid to be the easiest as it can self heal, but it is also the slowest.
I would say bitey is right that ranger is probably the easiest and fastest in that it has decent damage and has a nice healing skill (light heal).
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Hi Sly!

Re: Starting Game Today

I am currently playing on herne they are trying to revive the server as I’m seeing a lot of help around clan lazydrunks are very helpful to the lower level clans I am not level 100 in just 5 days or so thanks for you guys input really helped me now I am lookin for a nice DPS build for Druid gears and all

Re: Starting Game Today

Glad your having fun. Also lvl 100 in five days, that is pretty good, especially on a druid. I am curious thought, was that without any lixes? Glad druid also worked out for you, it is nice in this game that if you really want to play a class because of it's style, there isn't really much of a disadvantage compared to others.

There is a great starter guide for druids by RegenLife on the forum if you haven't checked that out yet, some really great management, build and gear tips, but if you have any specific questions feel free to ask them.

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