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Account name conflicted, change required

I came to ask for help on the forum page, i guess its a faster way of communication than email. Anyways, I had a problem with an old account of mine, I had a level 8x mage called Piccolo on the world Mabon. Support returned to me on email and told me my username changed to "USERNAME"ios or "USERNAME"and. I am an iOS player and tried both usernames, neither worked... so im really trying to get my acc back. Your help would be really appreciated.

Re: Account name conflicted, change required

Support should be able to deconflict your username, have you tired emailing the support email?
(I think it's support@onethumbmobile.com but I'm sure someone will step in and correct me if that's not right or if there's a better option)
(edit: also allow time to respond; it's the weekend after all lol)

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Re: Account name conflicted, change required


I am also have this exact same issue and its rather frustrating. I have not played the game on my Mage in a few years and recently got back to playing on a new character but would LOVE to have my Main account back. Ive tried the "username"ios and "username"android, but both do not seem to work. I also have emailed support but have not had any luck with responses...

thank you in advanced.

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