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Someone trying to hack

Someone keeps trying to hack my gmail and my account someone guide me? My account got hacked but support helped me get my account hack but someone again sending fake links and fake emails and saying they are Support even i changed my password 2 time but and did cliked or open any email they still got my password somehow but i put extra security on it now like 2nd step verification on gmail. Am just afraid if they get my account again what would i do? Already lost gele items and level 6 mount and pet and other stuffs. Is it possible to change username? I got emails and proofs as well i can make screenshot but won't post here. Some administrators help me guide me what to do? Hacker some how sended me a New celtic heroes registering email for my acc which i didn't made request or sended i dont know how he sended might be fake or don't know. Can some administrator can just lock my account? I have ip address of hacker too Google sended me ip address of his too that your account was logged by this ip address.

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