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Sign in issues

I have played Celtic heroes for many years and spent several hundreds of dollars on the game, it became an addiction to me. Recently when the cross platform update came out my account malfunctioned or something of that nature and told me I had to change my password. When I hit change password it told me I had the wrong email. I can provide any information on the account that is required, can someone just tell me the email I associated my account with? Again, ask me any info about the account. I’ve had it for years

Re: Sign in issues

Wreckagethewarrior wrote:I emailed them, the only problem is I have a lot of email accounts for work and college, could they tell me the the email I associated with my account?

Yes, provided that you can verify ownership of your account. Response time to support is longer than expected due to the holidays, but they'll respond to you ASAP.

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