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Re: Return gold from trade

This is a tough situation...in this case, it looks like an innocent person got hit with a major loss, and it sucks, though I think the main question is, what happened to the gold that was traded for the mount.

I can sorta see why Support can't really do anything. So if I'm reading this right, the situation is:
Player A scammed the mount from Player B, and sold it to Player C for gold.
So now, A (scammer) has gold, B (scammed) has nothing, and C (innocent party) has mount.
Support steps in, sees that the mount went from B, to A, to C, and returns the mount back to B. Then player A has gold, player B gets mount back, player C has nothing.

That's how this story ended it looks like. Now is when it gets really tricky.

The easy fix would be to take the gold from A, and give it to C...however, what if A was smart, and started trading the gold off to other characters? Then Support would have to go and take gold from maybe a dozen or 2 different accounts so that the scammer doesn't benefit from this encounter.
Even harder to solve possibility: what if A bought something from Player D for 1.75m before Support stepped in? Now A doesn't have any gold to return to C, and someone else is involved now. Is support going to reverse that trade as well?

You would think then, "oh maybe Support can just magically generate gold into my account". Yes, they could do that...but that could theoretically be taken advantage of. What if player A and C are the same person?
Player A(account 1) scams Player B, sells the mount to himself (Player A(account 2), then when B files a support request. B gets the mount back, A(account 2) complains that they got scammed, gets the gold back, and A is now 1.75m richer than he started.

I'm not trying to imply anything with this situation...I don't know anything about the players involved, I'm sure it's all an honest mistake. However, my point is that Support has really hard decisions to make. In pretty much any case, it's better to just go with the basic fix, even if it doesn't end in the best way.

Also. don't underestimate how far some people will go to cheat the system.
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Re: Return gold from trade

I think we often forget about how hard Support's job is. If you think about it, they've already got a whole lot going on, getting probably dozens of reports every day. Plus, its really hard to make things fair for all players involved in a report. There's almost always at least one complaint after the whole deal is over. Eragon makes a good point about player A possibly spending that gold and bringing other players into the fold.
Point is, we can't get mad at Support for not finishing a problem exactly how everyone wants it. Sometimes we just have to be glad that the situation is over with and the original victim got his/her mount back.

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