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Re: Character name change

Lol it’s a song as well so definitely not a offensive...I think it’s funny for a Druid :lol:
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Re: Character name change

jonlionheart wrote:Read this from clash of clans...

Report offensive or violating policy names. From clash of clans.

I report offensive names in this game but the admin just ignore. Because theyre pay players.
Otm should learn from clash of clans.

"If im happy in game, i wont bother posting on forum."

Ok im gonna be 100% honest and clear here.
No body cares what you report.
No body cares what you think is offensive
And at this point, and judging by all your posts and ‘argument points’, no one cares if your not happy with CH because actually you will never will if you stay like this.
I have seen almost all your post and i can guarantee all your salt came from you unable to managing through a dominant clan server, and not being able to xfer.
If you dont like how stuff work here, go back to CoC, or stop the continuous whining and derailing of posts and admin bashing. It doesn’t help at all.
Sorry everyone for my honesty.

Re: Character name change

Tadaaah wrote:
Hison wrote:
AoifaS wrote:Couldn't be any worse than Naughty Vines

New name for BT vines..

Pretty sure there was toon named this before Corrupted Garden.

You might be on to something there...
How many hats?

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