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Re: Refund on items bought with platinum (chests for example)

_Dan2908_ wrote:A friend of mine recently bought chests on the wrong server and was hoping to get a refund so he could purchase on the right server but there is no mention of platinum refunds on the forums as far as I can tell. Are refunds on chests bought with platinum possible?


Long as they haven't been opened then they should be refundable, or at least movable. Chests are like a scratch off ticket etc and as a gambling product once opened can't be refunded or moved, but prior to that they should function like any item in the game and be subject to a return (as long as refund request is made within a timely manner).

I'd second what Hison suggested and use a support ticket in game as this is the easiest way to contact OTM directly and from my experience easiest way for them to get back to you. In the ticket I'd suggest giving them a brief description of whats up as well as tell them when the chests were bought with plat as well as what toon the chests are on and what toon/server you meant to buy them on.

Good luck!
Also if you remember would be helpful if you posted what VR decided on the forums so that it can be seen for others should a similar case arise.
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Re: Refund on items bought with platinum (chests for example)

I agree with the refunding, but I can see there being subjectivity:
Take for example a few months back when there were snowstorm chests (I think), and you bought a bunch, then the firebreath chests came out with the only change being the addition of the chance of a dragon egg (small, yet significant). It would be unfair to give someone a plat refund or their snowstorms just so they could buy firebreaths.
(Specific example, but more broadly applicable principle)
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