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Re: mailed to the wrong person

Your friend probably scammed you YOU can’t accidently mail someone else and forget the name unless it’s super close to yours so question your friend otherwise there isn’t much support can do since ur friend sent the items firstly it would be unfair for the receiver to lose them and the items can’t be proven to belon to you and there is a rule saying dont give out items and you won’t be scammed so you probably got scammed.

Re: mailed to the wrong person

sora88813 wrote:i gave my friend(dupendra) a cape and a mount to use and he wanted to mail them back to me but accidentally mailed them to someone else and forgot who please help

Hey, just saying do you know the person in rl? Be careful of these situations with online friends cause you cant trust some 'friends' online. You might have gotten scammed but hopefully he is a real friend. The excuse of "sending it to the wrong person" seems lame to me and I could not imagine how that could be true.
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