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appeals, what i need to do

I making this post 4-5 times.. i hope i ill get answer..
I was been hacked in 2015, and my account got banned.. i wrote to appeals 10-20 times and didnt get any advise or answer.. What i need to do now?
Ive put my money and account and got banned.. its not cool.. Thanks for your time..
Muldar, Morgana.. im waiting for answer please

Re: appeals, what i need to do

Appeals takes up to 2 weeks to reply, be patient with them.
Good luck with your account though :)
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Re: appeals, what i need to do


We aim to reply to Appeals by Friday of each week, however this may differ depending on the volume of Appeals we are dealing with or if there is a complex issue that takes more time.

If you have not heard back from someone within the two weeks deadline then please feel free to PM myself or Muldar.

Please do not PM us more than once. We shall get back to you when possible.

I see that the OP has PMed me already so hopefully I shall be able to help ^^
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