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Re: Fishing Spot Claimed By Another

kennethc4848 wrote:Almost half the time I try to catch something it stops and I get a message saying "fishing cancelled" and "fishing spot claimed by another" even though I did not cancel it and there is no one else near me to claim the spot I have already taken. What is wrong?

Hey Kenneth,

Appears to be an issue with possibly double tapping the fishing spot.

We have a ticket in for bugging currently.

Thanks for reporting.
Muldar /
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Re: Fishing Spot Claimed By Another

It happens, when I switch spots too fast. Ex: fishing a spot, got a catch, quickly tap another spot and began fishing it. Then after few seconds fishing stopped and appears that messege. If I used Reel skill on the second spot, then it is on cooldown without indication (i. e. skill icon not have red indicator but it is on cooldown).

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