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Re: Account Problems: Conflict and Password

I started playing a long time ago and stopped for a while but i would like to start again but it sais my account has been conflicted. Could you fix it?
It was a warrior on Rosmerta, Lanor, around lvl 90

Re: Account Problems: Conflict and Password

Hello , dear support, here the answers for your quests.
When i played last time, i unfortunately didn't add e-mail address. Now cann't play. Maybe i did not forget my password, i had pw conflict. I posted it here, and support fixed conflict. But after i anyway cann't enter.
Help me please, i want to continue my journeys:)

Username for account - REMOVED
- Registered email -
- When account created/last played - last played near january 2017 year
- Character(s) name(s) on the account - include deleted ones if you can remember them - remember only one - sphinyx, there were 2 chars rogue and mage
- Character levels on the account - rogue near 40 lvl, mage near 60 lvl
- Clans that characters are members of -
- Servers the characters are on -
- Premium purchases made - over 10 crystalls of hp and mp regeneration
- Any plat purchases made on the account and amount -

- Some items that characters will have or have equipped
Mage Equipped at green armor, with sub ( or first) weapon from luxury shop over 130000 gold price
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Re: Account Problems: Conflict and Password

SphinyX wrote:Help me please, i want to continue my journeys :)

Hi SphinyX, it looks like you've provided enough information for them to help you out, but I would recommend not sharing your username publicly, as it makes it much easier for people to gain access to your account.
(but you might try including the above information in a PM to Tadaaah as I'm not sure how much purchase info you are comfortable in sharing)
Cheers, and hope you get going again :)
Edit: It might also be helpful to provide the server(s) upon which your character(s) is(are) located as I don't see that in the provided info.

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