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Muldar i being waiting alot

Dear muldar i being waiting the pass 8 weeks to support txt me back about my account issue im trying to play on my warrior lvl 191 i forgot my password and the email it have dont let me sign in i send a request about it and havent got a reply yet i really want it fix that way i could go back and play plz help me

Re: Muldar i being waiting alot

I can only find one email relating to Th3LOstK1D in the support inbox, it is from 2016.

Resend your email with the following information:

- Username for account -
- When account created/last played -
- Character(s) name(s) on the account - include deleted ones if you can remember them -
- Character levels on the account -
- Clans that characters are members of -
- Servers the characters are on -
- Premium purchases made -
- Any plat purchases made on the account and amount -
- Some items that characters will have or have equipped -

And the team can assist.


(If I recall we had previously messaged you on FB asking you to contact from another email, Yahoo was being blocked by your provider)
Muldar /
Ranger - 172 - Balor - Android

Re: Muldar i being waiting alot

Cranlight wrote:Hi Muldar,
I have same issue, with email.The new reseted password don't recieve in my email. Would be glad if you help me out. I already sent you pm. But not sure if you got it, since it doesn't show me the sent messages.

Best Regards

Your PMs have not come through.

Password reset should now be working, we applied a fix yesterday that should allow you to receive your reset mail.
Muldar /
Ranger - 172 - Balor - Android

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