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Account Password / Email issues

Okay so I switched my emails it all worked fine now to test this I went ahead and used the forgotten password button to see which email it would send to. Now it did not send an email to me and when I try using the first email on the forgotten password it does not work but the current one does. I tried to log back into my account after waiting for awhile for Celtic to email me when I tried this it said incorrect password which means the forgotten password button messed with my password I have made an supply request in game I hope this can be looked into and that the email system can be fixed. Please do forum PM me for more details about my account @supportteam.

Re: Account Password / Email issues

For account retrieval you will have to contact support@onethumbmobile.com.

If you can provide them with the answers to these questions it will help speed up the process:

- Username for account -
- When account created/last played -
- Character(s) name(s) on the account - include deleted ones if you can remember them -
- Character levels on the account -
- Clans that characters are members of -
- Servers the characters are on -
- Premium purchases made -
- Any plat purchases made on the account and amount -
- Some items that characters will have or have equipped -

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