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Why is it when I have my password saved to my account I go to login as normal and it say wrong username or password, and then when I change the password I go to my email get the new password and it tells me the exact same thing wtf

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Wrong forum, and when you want an answer you usually don't call out an admins name. A better subject would've been "password issues" in the ask for help forum.

Sorry if i sound rude just trying to clean up gen discussion

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Is this who you're looking for?
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Re: Mulder

Moved to Ask for Help.

Could be an account data issue.

If possible could you create a thread in Bug Reports with your details + device and our QA Team can have a look at the issue.

(Also yeah please don't title threads Muldar, makes it easier to find and respond if it is not my name on every thread.

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