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2 weeks

I asked support to help me get back my account,i gave all details they asked,I'm already waiting for 2 weeks for any answer...do they work or what?

Re: 2 weeks

Yes they do work and have many support tickets to look over to help solve. Keep in mind some of the players write them on the same issue several times. This slows things down.

You lost an account and trying to return I gather. They will get to you and I feel ya. I lost my 2nd account very long ago and it was an awesome blue skin character. Luckily for you remembered the details of it so you should be able to retrieve it soon.
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Re: 2 weeks

Hey Deth,

As PurpleRain said it can depend on the number of tickets they have to deal with (Christmas period always very busy)

There are also less staff currently due to Christmas holidays.

Was it an email or Support ticket you sent in?
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