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Help to Reverse Item Store Mystery Chest Purchase

I intended to purchase some Mystery chests and put the total chests in the popup box instead of number of bundles. Silly mistake!
It maxed out all the plat (even though the total chests that I put in error could not be purchased) ... perhaps a feature to say you do not have enough plat to prevent the accidental purchase ... or should this have been the case and it didn't work as intended.

I have submitted an in-game support ticket about 40 mins ago.

I have had mixed results in getting responses to in-game support tickets, so I'm also posting here, in hope that someone from OTM support will see and contact me if more information required.

Re: Help to Reverse Item Store Mystery Chest Purchase

OTM is +6 hours and it's now 7:20 down there. Which means they are out for today. They should not check your request untill Next week. The only person that checks forums is Muldar but he does it off work times during weekends. And I believe he will have to be in the office to have access to the Support Tool.
Support Tool: is the thingy that send out items to people that you receive in the mail box!

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