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Need some help to restore a char or two

Hi I deleted my lvl 91 Mage xSNOWx months ago and would like her returned. However someone has made a lvl 1 rogue with that name now. I was told otm could restore it maybe with a slight change to the name. If it's not possible, I have a lvl 61 Mage named november sun I had accidentally deleted that I would like restored regardless. I sent in support tickets on regarding both of the characters from the accs they were on. Is there a way to help me out?

Re: Need some help to restore a char or two

Will they respond today? U said they would respond soon yesterday. So I thought they would respond yesterday. Not to be Inpatient but I've been sendin in tickets for 2 months now with no response. I've explained in every ticket about the lvl 1 and not a single response. Same goes for the november sun char as well.

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