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Re: Question?

I'mdead wrote:
Milena wrote:
pigman wrote:Also, paying real money helps get you banned

I agree, but I mean if a person did not know a rule because he was a new player how about give him another chance? Or a warning.. Or a some amount of time suspension not a perminant disabled account. This is how people lose a love to a game. when support doesn't try to have a convarsation and listen to my side of the story before making a statements.

If he didn't know the rules, wouldn't it be the players own fault for not reading the rules in the first place? But a do agree, it should be 3 strikes (warnings) and your out (ban), however the ban is not permanent but the after the second ban it should be permanent. Well that's how I think otm's banning system should be like.

Yes I understand that it was my own foult by no reading the rules. But isn't there Support for a reason to help us when we do something wrong or have a issue?
If I was a support I would explain the person rule.. And then tell them if I do same mistake again that will be a perminant account banning as I know the rule now.

Re: Question?

Milena wrote:Okay just to get this straight.

Friend from school played Celtic Heroes. I got interested and joined him... After playing for month or so I got interested it also was around Christmas. Then one day he said he was quitting because he wasted to much time and money on the game. So I asked him since he wasted all that money can he sell me his items for 200$? He had nothing to lose so he did. He came over to my house and started to mail me items he had.. After that I gave him 200$ he left. He was going to give me account but you know how it works you can always get it back since he had email on it probably. So yea he gave me items I gave him money. Two or three weeks since that I get banned. Mailed appeals they said I took his account. I went to his house and told him that he said he has no idea what to do. So since December my account was banned. And support still thinks I actually took guys account. Okay let's just say he even stole that account.. How is that my problems? Items don't tell if they scammed or not.. But anything that happens on my account my fault. So you telling me trade people at your own risk and trade wrong guy get banned. We have 2 people on server scammed 80% of end game clan. And other one scammed many people in long periods of time. Guess what they still there. And they have been reported by people.. And there is 1 mistake by me means banned for life

Oh I see I misunderstood the part about the money, didn't know you meant real cash.
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Re: Question?

pigman wrote:Also, paying real money helps get you banned

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Re: Question?

Hi there Hero,

Selling items for real money is very strictly against our policies as such if found to do this the accounts are liable to get permanent bans - even device bans.

Please PM myself or Morgana if you'd like to discuss your issue further.
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