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Re: Banned AGAIN!?!!?!

Oh and it also would have been nice if they sent me an email explaining what they were doing with it
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Re: Banned AGAIN!?!!?!

Shathe. wrote:And I know for a fact that OTM can look into my acc and see if I'm botting or not... I'm hoping that why they disabled my acc is to look at it. They will see I am not botting

I believe you pal and otm should look into this and c if they banned ur acc u have done nothing wrong NOTHING pm dexxa doe help he has always responded to me :) I hope u get ur acc back bro

Re: Banned AGAIN!?!!?!

While I can't actually make a good call on whether you were at fault or not I can say that bundles of noobs writing in false tickets has gotten people banned before-- my suggestion is to make sure that if someone whispers you while you're farming, take time to respond.
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Re: Banned AGAIN!?!!?!

To appeal the disabling of an account:

Send an e-mail to appeals@onethumbmobile.com
In your e-mail, state the name and World of a character on the account which has been disabled.
Write a SHORT summary as to why you feel your account should be enabled.

We will then examine your case, and if your appeal is successful you will be e-mailed and informed that your account has been enabled. If your appeal has been unsuccessful, you will be e-mailed and informed that your appeal has been unsuccessful.

Please be aware that due to the nature of appeals - they can take a little time to be answered as we need to look into the account and see what has happened ect If there is a period of about two weeks with no response at all then please feel free to PM me.
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