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Wondering if I could get a second opinion?

A friend of mine was flat out scammed by someone (using text editors to bug the trade window into showing more gold then the player had on hand by a large margin) I know this is possible because I actually went back and tried to test it, the only issue being that it seemed to make one or both of the parties involved crash (which according to him, he did slightly after confirming the trade).

I'm well aware support uses the "once you click 'Okay' and agree to the trade, it's final and there's nothing they can do about it" line.
I strongly believe this is a different case entirely, as even though he reviewed the trade in detail, there was no possible way he knew what he was agreeing to.

I'm asking on his behalf because I'm slightly more vocal (annoying ;) ) than he is and I strongly feel he's being cheated, if I were in the same position I'd be blowing up support ticket submission inbox.

I'm not asking for anyone to credit him for the "gold" guaranteed by the trade window, I'm asking for the transfer of 1 (one) item back to its original character from an account that has been banned for doing the above actions and getting support tickets written in left and right.

Please Gimme A shout.
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Re: Wondering if I could get a second opinion?

There a few apps that can do it alright bud its very confusing and scammers can be rife due to this....I got stung in OAC for it :( surely OTM have to accept some kind of responsibility if their game can be manipulated in some way as to decieve their players/customers.server side they can refresh the "local" fake gold/plat amount to be correct so must be some way to block local exploits in their APK somehow

Re: Wondering if I could get a second opinion?

If there is a way to 'hack' the game so it looks like I accept 1 million gold but in reality only gets 10k then OTM should be accountable. They should obviously fix the issue but also they should reimburse the players who lost stuff due to the hack.

I dont want you to write here how to do it as we will just get more scammers. However can you post some screenshots of how the trade window looks when someone is abusing this? I want to see if there is anything I should double check to not get caught by this.
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