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Guide to Writing an In-Game Support Ticket

Hey everyone,

Recently I have sent in quite a few of in-game support tickets and gotten a response every time within 24 hours. Knowing that many people send them in and do not get response for some weeks, or not at all, I figured I would write a guide to writing a support ticket. I will also be posting this in the "Ask For Help" section of the forums. If the Admin agrees with what I have said, perhaps he could pin it so that new players can see it also. For those of you who don't know, the in-game support feature can be found under the screen that has your inventory, stats, and skills buttons. So, here we go!

Is your request reasonable?
Many requests that are sent to OTM are unreasonable and waste time. For example, do not ask for items that you have traded to someone to be restored to your account, as OTM does not do this. A legitimate problem includes things such as an accidentally dropped item, a item that you bought recently and want refunded, an item that you accidentally sold to the store and would like back, etc.
Another thing that i'm sure OTM doesn't want to see, is people complaining about leveling difficulties, class balance, or other things of the sort. That is what the forums are for. :P

One last thing, is that you should not report people for scamming with the in-game support. It is for support questions only and is not a "Report Another Player" function.

Writing a good ticket always begins with a well thought out subject.
If you have accidentally dropped your Metoric Dagger and you would like OTM to replace it for you, do not title your support ticket something along the lines of "HEEEEEEELLLLP!" or "Plzzz Help ME."

Instead try something along the lines of "Accidentally Dropped Metoric Dagger." This helps OTM know instantly what your problem might be.

In the body of your support ticket, it is important that you use proper grammar, try to avoid contractions, and DO NOT use "u" for "you" or "plz" for "please."
Next, you need to describe your problem competently. Going back to the example of having lost your Metoric Dagger, DO NOT write something along the lines of "Plz OTM help me I accidentally dropd my met dagg." Instead try something that describes your problem much more adequately, and also explains exactly what you would like them to do. "Hello OTM, I recently accidentally dropped my Metoric Dagger. This poses a problem to me as I can not get my Frozen Dagger without it. Would you please restore it to my account? Thanks!." This is a much better support ticket then what I wrote above, as it uses proper grammar, describes exactly what the problem is, and lets the OTM team know exactly what you would like done about it.

Hopefully these tips will help you get faster responses and better results.


Re: Guide to Writing an In-Game Support Ticket

Excellent post. I've been frantic for help for a month but unable to post all the info they need in a support ticket, nor should I post it all here. I, literally, just found my forum PW and am able to post at all; I hope they see it and direct me to someone who can help with the in-depth info needed to resolve my account access support ticket. Kes from Morrigan
theKestrel of Dal Riata, Morrigan, et al

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