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Re: android version? NO RESPONSE?

TheWind wrote:Already in beta and i think you can still sign up or not. Hopefully you will come back to Danu

Danu is a server for iOS devices, he cant come back there using an android device.

There are two types of people in this world: Those who crave closure

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Re: android version? NO RESPONSE?

ToeTag wrote:There is no "Android Beta". Soon there will be a testing of the CH game on Android devices.

The moment is now becouse OaC it total crap lag glith bugs and allot more.. I playing oac bcs dont have ios device and know how many ppl left the game and wait new mmo like ch ..

Re: android version? No response?

It was talked about in 2012 they already had a version on android version at the development place of ch but not released they were playing with it themselves they just havent released yet? And havent heard anything about it since.
Waiting on the android version. Then I shall return to Danu!

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