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Can I sell that Stuff???

Hello Community,

I am asking myself if i can sell the following items to the merchants and traders or if they are needed by some Quest?
Do they maybe have some further purpose or function?
Did not Quest in otherworld yet, and Stonevale still having the Bosses quests.

All Kinds of doubloons and Coins from Pirates.
White, Red, Blue Glowstone
Red / White Glowshart
Water tablet of obsidian
Black remnant of earth
Green remnant of Earth
Codex of krest
Wisp Essences
Rough Jewelled Iris
Connacht Bronze/Silver/Gold Ring
Brittle Ashwood
Rough Azzure Scale
Crookback Weapon Shard
Faerie Wings (Sparkle, Sky, etc.)
Pristine Boar Hide (also Ruined and other Kinds)
Connacht tunic pieces
Connacht brooches
Ruined Hide Scraps
Wicked Scraps
Tine cones
Connacht Copper Goblets
Royal Presents
Regal Presents
Stateles Presents
Symbol of medb
Symbol of mac Roth

Thanks in advanve!!!

Re: Can I sell that Stuff???

Try charm vendors. There only difference from quigley is like 1-50 gold

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