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Do not share your password with anyone under any circumstances.

Do not enter your password into any websites or tell any admins - nobody working for the game will even need to know your password, please keep it entirely to yourself and never share it.

Websites claiming to give free platinum are fake sites built to steal your login details - do not enter your password anywhere else apart from to log into the game on your device.

Selling or trading accounts is against the terms of use and is not supported.

You can change or reset your password through the in-game support tools. Please refer to the Account Issues topic in the Ask For Help forums for more information on how to do this.

This is for your protection so you don't get someone else getting your password, logging in and taking your items or character. Also think if you 'sell' your account there is nothing to stop the seller coming back and taking your items, so please don't do it.


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