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plat purchase problem admin help please.

Hello this is to celtic heroes support. I bought 49.99 platinum.. Nothing happened. So i clicked the button again and i got 1600 plat. I checked my email this morning and was charged twice for the 49.99 platinum and didnt receive the extra 49.99 platinum. My credit card was charged twice and I have two seperate invoices in my email inbox from itunes. I did everything I could, signed out, connected to different wifi, connected using 3g, reset the game, restarted my phone. I did not receive my platinum. PLease fix this issue. MY name is Danielsoniii, I am from world herne. Thank you.
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Re: plat purchase problem admin help please.

The same thing happen to me this morning i redeem 2 50.00$ dollars itune cards this morning n it did show up on my itunes account 100.00$ dollars so i went to purchase 100.00$ dollars of plat but it didnt let me so i click the 50.00$ dollars worth of plat and it went through but my plat never showd up i was going to call AppStore but i was at work so i didnt so later on i go check my iTunes account and it shows i have 45.00$ dollars left so i was thinking my plat probably showd up so i sign in and still nothing no plat so i go spend the other rest of the money i have on iTunes and it those to through and my plat shows up fast but not my other half so i been waiting seens this morning but still no other half what's wrong with the plat system
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