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do something about this 1mil scam..

A lot of people in Epona (not sure about other worlds) are quitting because of the scam where they put up 100k and 1 item to make it look like 1mil..

We really need something done about this fast. perhaps put the amount of items no. that u have to the right side so it would not look like this?
anyway.. please fix quick. It is sad to hear people losing all their hard earned stuff and having to leave.

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Re: PLEASE do something about this 1mil scam..

It would be nice if they would add a written message saying player A added 158k gold just like it says player A added a golden blade of fire or another item.

Player A added item hp heroic boots
player A added 180k gold
Player B added clover
Player B added 1k gold

Or simply if they could change the written parts so for the dumbasses.

1500 it would say 1.5k
10000 it would say 10k
100000 it would say 100k

Re: PLEASE do something about this 1mil scam..

Hey guys stop pretending were stupid,we are not,maybe if u guys got scammed by this u would realise what we mean,its not whether u pay attention cuz bout 15 people have been scammed their items in the past few days.sort this,and admin if u read my topic that u deleted u will know what I would say...
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Re: PLEASE do something about this 1mil scam..

The fact that I exposed this scam in screen spell caster to warn fellow Eponans, and admin deleted is bull. They have scammers on 24\7 and now a gambling guy. Our server has turned into Vegas. When a average of 1 person per day posts on forums there quoting cause of getting scammed that's a issue. And its nit noobs that don't read. Its long term plat players. Goto epona forums and click on my topic "I'm gonna start scamming people" . That just about explains it. I encourage admin to goto eponas castle, there's 3 scammers now hitting up every single person who walks in. The only answer from admin so far is "Shhhh , we don't want the scammers to get their feeling hurt by posting their names to warn people. Just let it go. Scammers are people too and we care about their feelings" like WTF.

Re: PLEASE do something about this 1mil scam..

I am very depressed to say I was scammed this way. A character named Natures Breath, (Only a lvl 1, so he obviously has a higher main) offered me 1 mil for about 855k worth of items. This includes:

Golden Trident of Fire, Heroic gloves/ammy, Diamond bp, greaves, and sword, and a Rev. ring of regen.

In the trade, he add some crap items, such as snowballs and firecrackers. I didnt think much of it, it showed over 1 mil in the gold box. After trade I was depressed to find out I only got a little over 100k.

I think support should have to return all items scammed in this manner. It's not like I wasn't paying attention, it clearly showed over 1 mil.

I have been reading up on there policies, and it says they send a message to the scammer asking to give the items back. I dont know if I beleive this, because I am yet to see any of the numerous scamers in Epona get banned. (Such as Saten,Kajeena) Also, the person that scammed me isn't there main, so they could care less if he did get banned.

I have spent a good amount of money on this game, and I really enjoy it.I am sad to say, though, if I dont get back my items I am quiting. I dont see why I shouldn't get them back, since the reason I got scammed is because a glitch in YOUR game. Plus, I really do enjoy this game...

Re: PLEASE do something about this 1mil scam..

I'm sorry, but anyone who trusts a level 1 without finding out who their main character is and then making the sale through the main character is a noob.

I wouldn't make a sale of that size to anyone lower than level 130.
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