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Forgoten password

Hello i dont played the game for couple of months so i forgot my password and my account is not linked to an email adress i remember my username but cant figure the password out :)

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Re: Forgoten password

Hey there!

Sorry to hear that! If you send an email to support@onethumbmobile.com, they can should be able to help reset your password.

When you send the email, you will need to include as many details about the account as you can, to prove that you are the correct owner of the account. Try to remember the character names on the account, whichever server(s) the characters are on, and what classes/level the characters are. Also, if you have purchased any platinum in-game, that would be really helpful - you can look up the purchase details in either the Google play store, or the iOS App Store, then tell Support any time that you bought platinum.

Good luck!!
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