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Question About a Forum Login UN Typeface/Font Problem

Whenever I type in my username while logging into the forum on my PC, an error occurs saying that the username is incorrect. I though this was a bit weird because it works fine on my phone, which was where I made the account. I went to my email and copy/pasted the username there onto the login page on the site and it worked. I thought this was quite interesting because side by side, the copied text looks the same as the typed text. Anyone ever had this problem before and is it a problem that can be fixed by Support or anything? Thank you for any reply.

P.S. I am not using Incognito Mode (just dark mode/black layout) if that helps at all with determining the problem. The first screenshot has the copy/paste username input on the left while the typed username input is on the right. The other screenshot displays the error when I try to login with my typed username.



Hey. . . this is an edit. On closer examination, I realized the apostrophe was probably slightly different on the typed UN versus the copied/pasted UN, hehe. Is there anyway Support could change my username easily so that I don't have paste my username all the time? No idea how to change the keyboard stuff on my computer so that it uses a certain character over another. Might create a new account but I don't necessarily want to create another email. It's no biggie really.

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