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Can't log in. Keeps saying cannot connect to server.

Not been able to log this pass week to enjoy the on going dragon event, game keeps saying "cannot connect to server"
I have tried cleaning game's data and cache, deleted the game, restarted my phone none of it worked.
Only by connecting to a different network it lets me log and im not sure why, my wifi works just fine with other apps just not ch as of right now.
If anyone has any tips on fixing this would be most helpful thank you.
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Re: Can't log in. Keeps saying cannot connect to server.

Man that really sucks sorry for your inconvenience! Allow me to share some of my experience with u; Often times while at work I play on public networks (don't judge me) but sometimes on certain networks the servers will not connect. I've found that running a virtual private network (VPN) prior to launching the game fixes this issue. I hope this information helps u!

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