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Botting Hawkbursts at Murky Vaults on Arawn

4 bots are setup on Arawn at Murky Vaults right now:

One is a level 111 ranger with 249k Hawkburst kills
One is a level 111 ranger with 385k Hawkburst kills
One is a level 110 ranger with 188k Hawkburst kills
And the last one is a level 150 ranger with 225k Hawkburst kills

Please get rid of them.

They have been logged in almost 24/7 since last year with usually the exception of maintenance and updates.

There are also many similar accounts i've seen in the past that have been logged in for many months on end with hundreds of thousands of hawkburst kills each.

They typically permanently stand in one spot in Murky Vaults auto attacking Hawkbursts with a ranger for as long as they can before getting banned. Which usually takes a very large amount of time to see them get banned.

You'll finding them botting in the lvl 80 to 90s hawkburst area at Murky on Arawn.

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