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I lost my bow

First of all I want to say. My english not good.
I am playing Ranger at Mabon. I am currently in level 70.
On this evening, May 10, 2019. I am on duty with my friend at Stonevale. Then my bow suddenly disappeared. I tried trying to find in the warehouse, in the mailbox, in the bank, but there was no.
I don't know where it went.
I am very sad and I want to quit playing.
I sent an email to get help, but I didn't see a response
Username: [removed]
Character: Bang Vo
Sever: Mabon
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Re: I lost my bow

vovanbang wrote:So now how can I play with a ranger without a bow

I totally understand - Support are normally quicker at replying than 2 weeks, but I just wanted you to know it could take that long.

Are there no other weapons you have that you could use in the meantime? By level 70 you'd have a couple of spares? :)

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