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Not able to enter areas, Stuck on level 8.

So I play celtic heros on bluestacks, I just came back to the game today.

While I was doing the tutorial I wasn't able to enter the frag castle so I had to enter from the back entrance.

Now I'm trying to enter Croockback Hollow but I'm unable, so basically I can't do any quest that requires me to enter dungeons or areas that requires travel.

I deleted my character and picked another class and its still not working.

Please help, my IGN is Fnoxin and I play on epona!
World: Epona | IGN: Fnoxin | Class: Ranger

Re: Not able to enter areas, Stuck on level 8.

Sounds like an issue directly with BlueStacks as this works normal for everyone else. Emulators are not officially support by Developer Team so any gameplay issues you experience while using BlueStacks are not supported by Dev Team.

Personally, you can always use the “stuck character” Option on the character selection screen if you have character stuck in any zone or you can try reinstalling the game and seeing if that fixes the issue.

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