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Account Conflict PW

Hello, Im trying to look on the forums for a section to help me with my account conflict but can't find one. I haven't be one the game for years and wanted to start playing again however my account is now conflicted? I know my username and password are right so idk why im getting a conflict error. if anyone has any information that could help it would be appreciated!!

Re: Account Conflict PW

Hey there! Sorry to hear that you are having trouble logging in - that is a common issue that can be resolved by sending an email to support@onethumbmobile.com with your username (do not send anyone your password), as well as some general info about the characters on the account, their names, what servers they are on, and any other similar info that you can remember.

Support may take some time to respond due to the COVID-19 crisis, but they will eventually be able to help deconflict your account.
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