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Re: Support@onethumbmobile.com

mustafa wrote:Smelly my acc got banned cus i reported it

Probably why they won't get it back .-.

mustafa wrote: i want my fricking account back

Also this.

And the fact that this topic is in General trying to get attention, even though PM's work just as well if not better
Would you kindly?


Re: Support@onethumbmobile.com

Hello, I’m xAsteroidx on arawn.

I bought a tiny purple Phoenix around a week ago by accident and I would be able to be refunded with a Phoenix egg please and thank you!

Best regards,

xAsteroidx on Arawn

Re: Support@onethumbmobile.com

Account Conflicted

Hello I need help with my account I've been trying to reach you guys for 2 months about this problem and I've not have any contact with any of your support team, I know it's been hard due to the ongoing situation about the pandemic, but 2 months with several emails about this feels like no one would be responding any time soon, i hope you guys will be back soon!


- Gabril

Re: Support@onethumbmobile.com


The Support Team does not monitor the forums and ask that you check your Spam Folders for a reply as the Support Team's response time is a lot faster than you have indicated.

If you have yet to receive a response, please contact Support@OneThumbMobile.com and kindly wait for a reply.

Thank you.

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