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In game policies

I have been rummaging around looking for the in game policies... any chance someone will be so kind as to link this item for me? I have read the Eula so please don’t link that to me. I have read the harassment and disciplinary pin ups as well...really am looking for the referenced in game policies.

Thank you for your help
Dual spec please.

Re: In game policies


I am looking for in game policies in relation to harassment in the form of interference with my ability to use and gain the full experience of a premium item. I have a General in Resurgence Gabriella12 interfering in my use of premium purchased items.

I also am looking for in game policy in regards to the deliberate acquiring and distribution of my personal information... I liked the Facebook page of Celtic Heroes with my Facebook account and now I have the same General from Resurgence Gabriella12 and another person by the name of Kyrell from Resurgence targeting me.

While I have heard of extreme cases of bullying by this group of people and have witnessed one woman quit the game in relation to the obscene nature of their tactics I have now found myself on the short end of this uncontrolled group of people. I have some of their members sending me private vulgar and sexually explicit messages.

I have blocked these people. I have tried to reach out to their guild leader with no success. I do not interact with any of these people now or have I ever interacted with these people.

While I understand that OTM wants me to document each individual incident, until now I have found it easier to just block these people and move on. The issue I am now having is I can not prevent the in game interference or the deliberate acquisition and distribution of my private information by blocking them. Documenting these actions is something new to me and I really have no idea how to go about it.

I have put a lot of time, money and effort into this game, but if I need to quit in order to protect myself I will. It is beyond words on why OTM has taken little steps to prevent this. I shouldn’t have to spend a majority of my time documenting abuse. These people should have a healthy fear of account banning. Something has failed.

Looking for solutions. I just want to log in and enjoy the game. Nothing more..nothing less. Is that too much to ask for?
Dual spec please.

Re: In game policies

If you can send me enough to tie it to their in-game accounts, I'll ban them. I take harassment (esp. distribution of real-life and threats) very seriously. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by preventing you from using your premium purchases. Topics like these, feel free to PM me about. You shouldn't feel unsafe and I very much agree that players who use other platforms to harass people can be banned.

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