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Account retrieval

Hi there,im trying to get back my account but cant seem to remember anything about it since its almost 2 years. Ive tried sending an email to support@one thumbmobile.com but no reply given. Ive attached a screenshot of my date of registration which i tracked in my email along with a screeshots of my in-app purchases.

Please refer to the email kinoken90@gmail.com

Re: Account retrieval

Hi Kinken,

As you email was received on Sunday and on Tuesday the Support Team will have yet to get to your email in the queue.

Additionally you may be required to include additional account information such as the following:

• Account Username
• Account creation date (estimate)
• Character names, levels and worlds on the account
• Platinum purchases (values) on the account
• Premium purchases (items/upgrades)
• Trades on the account
• Some banked items on a particular character

As while you have provided payment receipts there are currently no account details as to link to the account in question.

Muldar / OTM - Muldar
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Re: Account retrieval

Marian7 wrote:@Muldar would you be able to assist me? I would like for you to check the process of ticket by email address: maria7hudson@gmail.com

Last I can see the Support Team require further account details before they can proceed:

"Can you tell me the names of other characters that may be found on this account please?

Thank you. "

As you said you have previously purchased Platinum it may be a good idea to include previous transaction receipts as well.

Muldar / OTM - Muldar
Ranger - 172 - Balor - Android

Community Manager at OTM


Re: Account retrieval

Alright..my first email was sent on 16th april. I have yet to receive any reply..i think as of today,its been 14 working days.Any advice?or is there something wrong with my account?ive sent the neccessary info through the email.i just need my username.

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