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Re: When to Frenzy?

Etherstone wrote:So I have tried to look it up on the forums but I have not seen a definitive answer. At what point is it worth it to swap Protective Stance for Frenzy, 20/20? 25/25? 30/30?. Type of weapon to use?


Keep frenzy as high as possible with highest amount of str and enough hp to survive, if you just wanna level up faster and be a tank later on then use 2h hammer to level, not too much expensive but does the work, but you always need to be hasted to get the effect you want, if you wanna be dps warrior later then use axes and spears, by the time you level your abilities will be maxed and you'll be used to the weapons.
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Re: When to Frenzy?

Frenzy is x% dmg boost of ur total physical dmg. For example, I wear shadow axe + spite dagger, thats 200 slash dmg + 40 pierce dmg, total of 240 physical dmg. Frenzy at my str, melee combat and lvl 50, is over 200% of that, therefore frenzy adds 480+ dmg for me.

At low lvl its still powerful if u use a high dmg wep. But, frenzy adds attack regardless of what weapon u wear, and thats good for low lvl warriors to land their melees as they dont use dex, so if ur able to self-sustain, Id use frenzy at any lvl :)
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Re: When to Frenzy?

I always recommend stance up until level 120. 121+ is when i would swap to frenzy
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