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Set-Up for almost end game warrior

Hi, I am 180 now and currently looking for advice for endgame
I am currently using a dagger of spite offy and wyrmbone axe

1. As options for endgame axes are limited, what are some of the axes that are worth using at my level and further on?
(Including event/shop/boss drop)

2.I realised tower is actually pretty hard, especially the 4 stars. Can someone recommend a leveling build from 180-220 including all the specific places/ stat and skill point allocation/ gear and stuff? Would really appreciate!

I mostly want to know about what skills to use, how to best optimise my skill points ( hotswap what for what)
And my stats ( how much specific hp to have, strength plateau, DEX?? And etc.)

3. I have read up on some forum posts about warriors and came to a conclusion that these are the best ammies below are best for leveling
- Wyldgrove sun ammy (2m)
-wyldshrine sun ammy (nearly impossible to get, 4-8m)
-Wyldshrine mountain Ammy (2-2.5m?)
-Shinestone amulet of poacher (2m?)
-Shienstone amulet of Stalker ( 2m?)

Please correct me on some of the prices, and recommend which one I should get, I need some regen as leveling/bossing depletes my energy fairly quick

The best bossing ammies are as follows,
-Stargem Stormcaller (1.5-2m?)
-Runic valour lvl 200
-bloodthorn set

However, The stargem Ammy is pretty rare in my server, and not sold often and plus the 15 second 600 Attack boost-does it rlly help that much for a warrior?
I have to get to lvl 200 to get the heat damage runic valour ammy, which doesn't have regen (worth it?)
Idk about bloodthirsty set

Help is very much appreciated, thanks

Re: Set-Up for almost end game warrior

As i’m close to your level, i’ll share my opinion.

For a leveling build, i use frenzy, rupture, double attack, pummel and shatter. Leftover points go in giant swing. I use the 180 offhand dagger and 180 mainhand axe. I only have 5k hp. I run full str and all my dex comes from the dagger. It gives me around 4.5k att total, with frenzy. I also use def form at lv 1 which boosts my def to a total of 1750. High def is nice on dps warrior, because your tiny hp pool will drain quickly. I use a lv 5 brown hare for heals and extra energy regen. Really saves on restos.

Tip: don’t solo, it doesn’t work in tower.

Weapons are limited if you use axe. You have the shop 180 axe, the royal dor-keln axe, frostiron axe. The shop axe gives me the most damage. J lose around 200 dmg on the dorxkeln and frostiron axes.
For EG, you have the thaumaturgic axe and gele axes. Gele axes are op, obviously :)

If you can get your hands on a mordy spear (with str preferably, dex works if you feel like you don’t have enough att/def.)
If you have a mordy spear, max out giant swing and rupture with gear points. (If you don’t have enough points, get both up to 35). Hotswap your axe in whenever you have rupture ready, cast it, and go back to your spear for higher auto damage. (I unfortunately dont have a mordy spear yet).

I would recommend a shinestone ammy since they aren’t that expensive (only 1m in shop, if lucky can buy for 1.1-1.3 from players.) Wyldshrine ammies are awesome, but bloody expensive. (I have a wyldshrine mountain brace bc i got lucky in shop, haha.)

For a bossing ammy, just get something that boosts your attack the highest. Attack is crucial for bosses. Stargem is awesome, runic is better for rangers imo, and a blood set is awesome too. Maybe swap for a dex spear for bosses if you have the luxury ;)

Hope this will help you, even though its a bit late.
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117 druid
74 ranger
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Re: Set-Up for almost end game warrior

What he said above... sums it up.
For stats... I always suggest ppl to go 3str to 1vit if they can afford the lixes to lvl with... e.g. 1200str 400vit (but when abt 6.5k-7k hp, you don’t need to increase vit)
energy problems only solved by lux or tons of sigils.
Warrior 222, Ranger 220,

Re: Set-Up for almost end game warrior

Leveling warrior all the way is using classical build- shatter pummel rupture dbl and frenzy, and piling into str. Once you hit 180, you might want to get gear upgrades- dbl, pummel, rupture CD gear, runic valor ammy, haste/poison OR axe offhand with a mord spear (that's what most use for it's elemental damage) or (at 210+) you might want a gele axe. Try to get your hands on some nice raid gear, like skillswap rings for each skill, prot attack bracers+cd swaps, maybe some hrung direct damage rings. If you end up lixing on EDL adds, you might want to use edl sword (no other sword! Edl is only one that's good). Before you start laughing at me, I'll tell you that the best EG DPS warriors in CH use sword. Why? Divine glows. OFC, you'd have to swap with hammer or gele axe along with normal CD/skill ring swaps, but when you start fighting chaos mobs, you'll see that the extra attack speed from sword and the divine glows (1.5-2.5k on raids!) add up a lot, to the point that I almost would want to try DPS warrior with EDL shield for the extra divine damage. Gele axe does compete a lot with sword, as you have the extra damage, str boost, and the elemental skill, but it will be up to you to decide which works best.

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