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Soloing falgrin at 113?

I am a 140 warrior with 675 STR and 4.6 K HP. I tried to solo falgren and failed today.
A lower level in my clan, told me that I had a bad build Because he claimed he had a friend on GWYD that can solo as a level 113 warrior. He said less than 10 rest of us. My question is is that possible without about three mill of gear? He said his only Luxury jewelry was the sun ammy.

I didn't use 10 rest of us, but if this is possible, does anyone have any build suggestions for me as far as things that might help. I'm currently using a 100 lux axe offhand and a 130 frostiron axe and comrak blade set, haste ring, Full frozen.
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Re: Soloing falgrin at 113?

It would be pretty damn hard to solo at 113. I like to think soloing as in not using any resto pots in the process so if he spammed a whole bunch of restos, I wouldn't say he soloed.
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Re: Soloing falgrin at 113?

Zyz wrote:My definition of solo is you do it with one toon. Even if it takes you a heroic combo and 900 restos, you're still killing it solo.

Agreed, solo means alone so one toon and lix and lux dont matter.
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