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New Event Ammy

Hello there fellow warriors,

I am in need of some help in deciding which event ammy to purchase. I don't know which to buy the Dex one or Str one. I am a lvl 215, dps warrior and do not plan on becoming a tank anytime soon. If any of you guys purchased any of the two ammy above let me know how you like it!

Re: New Event Ammy

I have the str one. As a full dps warrior it helps a lot with that extra 1000 health. I have 5700 attack with my gear before lixing if needed so don't really need the dex. The skill on the dex is much better however. The one on str is an upgraded midnite ammy shield but since I am done grinding as 222 it is not used :). Several of our dps warriors have spent the gold on it already.
Thyra 204 rogue (Rosmerta)

Faolan Wariche 224 warrior (Arawn retired)

Re: New Event Ammy

DaWeeZel wrote:Which ammy are you using currently? I was also thinking about switching but at the same time idk if the str one would be worthwhile

I am currently using Yule Vit ammy from about 2 Yule events ago. And yeah I agree idk if the str ammy is worth it as well, since in the long run I hear in end game the skill is useless :/

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