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Re: i just hitted level 100 (: need some advise

Markwarsilver wrote:
Loco cola wrote:
specman wrote:thanks guys for the tips

What tips?
I see NOOBS arguing with PROS

I see a troll, posts dont make you a noob FYI.

Someone who has never played a class and claims to be a pro at that class is a NOOB. I don't see how that was trolling[/quote]
Ive played warrior as my main 4 years. Please gtfo and stop trolling every topic i reply to.

Re: i just hitted level 100 (: need some advise

OpticalAwakens wrote:
Gandorf Biggums wrote:Whats wrong with giant swing. My warrior is 110+ last time i checked... I dont get whats wrong with it, but that may be because i have never used pummel

pummel is insta and doesnt affect auto now so it is free damage. casting giant swing is like 3 seconds, when you could have used like 2 autos to hit dbl the dmg.

So i should try switching giant swing to pummel because i also have a haste ring that could help me get more auto attacks in.
Thanks for Cross Platform OTM!

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