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i just hitted level 100 (: need some advise

hi guys as i wrote on top i just got to level 100 and i need some help on which items i should get.
(btw i am playing on lugh under the name specman )
ok atm my gear is bloodstrike armor i got the astral gloves but waitting to get the rest of the astral armor to put them on.
atm i am using a flint hammer and a mighty brand as an offhand( 175 heat dmg ),
basicly what i wanted to ask is which wep i should get and which off hand i should get?
my stats are 240 str 35 dex 15 fcous and 235 on vital
my skill points are 25 on double attack ,rupture and shatter, 24 points on giant swing and 5 on franzy .
the jewllery i got is heroic amulet of rejuvenation,galars bloodthorn charm ,minor emberdrake braclet of smashig and striking,minor embrdrake ring of battle ,krons stonebarkring ,and revenant ring of energistion and regeneriton .
if any one have any suggestion on what i should change or get or any other advise that will help get better plz do tell
thanks in advance to everyone

Re: i just hitted level 100 (: need some advise

Gs and pummel should be the skills that are swapped between, not used together lol. Not until end game at least, since you'll then be using spears/(swords?) i didn't play my warrior Untill end game so idk about the sword part lol. But yeah, shatter rupt dbl( can't miss, with great damage, Duh use it ) and pummel with prot if you're suffering from survivability issues, frenzy if you're lixed enough to maintain moderate hp. Swap pummel with Gswing if wanting to get into Pvp, axes are your main Wep choice untill you hit end game. Hammers are also viable, but a haste is advised if you do so

Re: i just hitted level 100 (: need some advise

I use it in my current build because I'm a vit based, without a large portion of Str pummel doesn't hit too hard. Plus i use hammers so gswing's hitting as hard as my dbl and rupture is, or even more. Reason for the vit with Dmg skills is kinda an old Pvp build but I'm in a midgame clan ( frozen etc ) and have to tank, but since I'm a higher lev in the clan im also one of the most beneficial Dps lol

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