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Warrior's puzzle

So I havent played in a while, but im a somewhat formidable warrior back in ros. Lvl 180, My gear consists of spider helm 50 vit/ str
Anc beast chest
Dl gloves
Spell wrought boots and pants(useless lol)
And 150 axe and 100 str mord spear

My dilemma is! That im considering a new build
My plan is to obtain full Alchemial
Replace spear with Axe, i got my skill pt distribution set
40/40 str vit ring
By doing math, i found out that 600 more hp and 100 more energy, thus making my hp roughly 9190(full vit)
And energy around 960
Now that I will use the spell axe instead of a str mord spear, will that affect me a whole lot? The 100 str is made up through new lux but i am afraid Ill still downgrade reguardless. This post may be confusing but ill answer any questions xD
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