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Re: Few questions on warrior

1. True. However, for gear it depends on demand. I.E. On Lugh, we have an abundance of warriors and rogues, red and purple items are more expensive.
2. Anybody can make a contribution to a clan lol. Again, for gear it depends on the world.
3. DPS warriors can be replaced with rogues or something, but they definitely help with Shatter and other debuffs to the boss.

Get Rupture. It's a great skill and adds quite a bit of DPS

Re: Few questions on warrior

1. It can be cheap only as a non-soloer, because not only we have very weak soloing abilities, we will also get less xp due less dps, so I recommend grouping rogues and/or mages.
2. An out of clan player depends on the world, in many world u wont have chance at getting dl yet, but frozen obviously is possible for anyone.
3. No, DPS warriors arent as important, but any DPS is needed. Our shatter can be replaced by lures that will also have stronger effect and our dps can be replaced by other classes, but then again the more DPS the merrier in this game.
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