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Re: Post Your Health Warriors!

Kiltsalt wrote:Shiv would u mind showing gear to show how got energy, i can get my health to 17k but i lose all energy

hes fully buffed, that prob includes energy well and who knows what else
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Re: Post Your Health Warriors!

Happy to share what I did. Hope I didn't forget anything here.

Gear -
-Mordy Void Helm (200 vit / 1500 eng)
-DL chest, legs, gloves, feet
-Void Trident Zeal (75 vit)
-Bastion Shield
-100 Vit Ammy
-Lux Charm (250 def one)
-75 vit / 5 taunt brace
-350 def hrung brace
-75 vit Lux ring
-15% def Lux ring
-350 hp sunfire ring
-50 vit Lux ring

-Prot Stance (45/50)
-Def Form (45/50)
-Enduring Guard (2/40)
-Bark (druid) maxed if possible
-Abundance (druid) maxed if possible
-Abundant Aura (druid) maxed if poss.
-1600 hp Gaston Pie
-Winter Horn (15% hp)
-HP / Eng Heroic lix
-Super Combo lix
-Super Armor potion
-Super Defence potion
-Super HP potion

Random notes:
-I haven't had a chance to really play or tweak the buffs but the order you pop the potions / lixes may come into play. :)
-My aggy vit brace has 5 taunt which I would prefer a 5 prot stance so my prot is 50.
-350 hp ring vs another 50 vit lux ring is a toss up as the hp is similar but vit contributes to other stats (ie prot).
-All 5 abilities are maxed at 1940.
-Our clan works as a team. You won't achieve these stats without your fellow clannies.

Re: Post Your Health Warriors!

I do not know who Immortal or SirBlaze are - but they did some amazing work posting on the forums. Their up front work helped me tremendously. This thread is about stats but really, being an effective tank is more about situational awareness and using your skills at the proper times. So far I am able to tank 160/165/170 full with no heals and no deaths. While you can't control your access to some drops, you can control 'how' you tank.
Lastly - I am far from an expert. I learn everyday from others. Best advice I can give you is to not be set in your ways and be willing to try new things.
Best of luck fellow tanks!!

Re: Post Your Health Warriors!

those are some great buffs to get, no energy well buff tho? and what about that buff on ur gold amount?:p

well, post ur stats unbuffed (ur buffs not others' or any items) as well, i would love to see them, and btw, amazing helm u got there
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OP dps warrior on Belenus, hot af melee druid on Nuada. #Elementals #Apex

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